Komagata distribution center

Wholesale Industry

We manage a wholesale company which handle sanitary wares, daily necessities, beauty and health products, baby needs, elderly needs, medical supplies and foods.

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Operates a Stocking Website

We operate a stocking website that can be found on the Internet as 'OROSHIURI.COM.' This website supports an Individual or certain corporation who wanted to stock or sell daily necessities.

This picture is a official notification of a unified qualification of all ministries and agencies and booklet of ministry and agency business companies information.

Sales of Goods to Each Ministries and Agencies

We obtained a unified qualification of all ministries and agencies. So, we participate in tenders for nationwide and sale medical supplies, rubber goods, processed paper goods and so on to each ministries and agencies.

This picture is a lot of cardboard boxs of our dealing products at our storage.

Bulk Orders of Wholesale Products

We do bulk orders for corporations who want to purchase items per case to avail discounts.
For those who are interested, please contact the designated department.

This picture is baby holds hands with parent.

Taking part of Tokyo Medical Supply Wholesale Cooperative

We are optimizing the amount of our Medical Supplies by keeping the order of distribution. We have been going through an Exhibition display of our Medical Supplies twice a year and it has been a special event in this Industry which more than one hundred and twenty Companies collaborated with us.

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Taking part of Gunma Daily necessities and Beauty products Wholesale Cooperative

We are the Board of Directors in this Cooperative and we are aiming for an efficiency system of distributing daily necessities and beauty products to manufacture, Wholesale and Sales. We enter into combination to realize it.