Sales Promotion Department

【Sales Division】

We are engaged in business globally with customers in Japan and overseas.

In order to match the diverse needs of our customers, we propose products which meet their needs from a selection of 13,000 kinds of products, develop new products, and actively participate in trade shows to expand our opportunities to meet new customers.

Our motto is speed and challenge! We value growth as a person, before we are a salesperson, and aim to make customers glad to have met us, and to build a good relationship with them.

Merchandising Department

We consist of the Purchasing Division, the Logistics Division, and the Operations Division, and handles everything from the product purchase to management, and order receipt, to shipping.

Under the slogans of "Speedy = Speedy and Accurate Movement" and "Challenge," the entire department is working to ensure appropriate product distribution in response to the ever-changing times.

【Purchasing Division】

We are mainly responsible for product procurement, product proposals and sales through a web platform based on our website, "".

We aim to grow mutually through close communication with our partner manufacturers, and also actively working with new manufacturers to meet the ever-changing trends and demands.

We will do our best to support companies and entrepreneurs who are finding suppliers for their products, and manufacturers who are looking for sales partners.

【Logistics Division】

We believe our role is being a bridge between manufacturers and our customers.

We are responsible for placing orders with manufacturers, receiving products, inventory control, and shipping.

The trend toward smaller lots and higher frequency in logistics is remarkable, and we can see that logistics is becoming increasingly important.

In order to satisfy our customers, and proceed accurately and efficiently, we are improving daily operations step by step.

In addition to them, we are committed to 5S(Organization, neatness, cleanliness, cleaning, and discipline), creating a comfortable working environment as a team.

【Operations Division】

We manage daily orders and process sales and purchases, as a contact person to fulfill a role of a wholesaler connecting production and consumption.

We ship a variety of products to our customers from one unit, and are committed to satisfying our customers. As a representative of our company, we strive to provide "prompt," "courteous," and "accurate" telephone support and customer service, and work in cooperation with each department in response to an increasingly diverse range of customers.

Management Department

Management Department is in charge of accounting division, general affairs division and personnel division.

To be specific, recruting, distributing and hiring.

On top of that, we deal with sales management, cost control, checking claims, proceeding receiving and making payments.

All of these are very important contents, because they directly influence for operation management. That's why we must take responsibility for them in order to execute smoothly corporate activity. Also, we work on it for all our employees with a view to concentrating thier work healthily and comfortably.