Sales Department

Sales department is in charge of selecting products, purchasing, negotiating, suggesting and selling.

We try to introduce positive characteristics of new items and topical items to clients.

We are not only increasing our sales but we also do business activities according to a client's needs.

Moreover, we value communication with clients in our work.

Specifically, we do our best polite to clients about their business issues or requests. Then we suggest a new item in a calculated way of how to procure products.

Operation Department

The operation department is held on a revenue and stocking products of daily office work and management of receiving and ordering to play a role as a wholesale, point of contact for connect to production and consumption.

We aim for retail stores and corpotations that support regional life and online shopping to provide a rapidly varions and small amount of items. As a result, we hope to enrich people all over the world life.

Logistics Department

We think our role is a bridge between Essentials companies and customers.

We are exactly and efficiently managing items that purchase from our clients. And the other thing is packing up and shipping it out for customer satisficaton.

In addition to them, to aim higher, we actively pursue excellence and continuous improvement every day. For example, we focus on 5S(Sorting, Setting-in-Order, Shining, Standardizing, Sustaining the Discipline) methodology approach, also trying hard to adcance as a team with close communicatin.

Management Department

Management Department is in charge of accounting division, general affairs division, personnel division and system division.

To be specific, recruting, distributing and hiring.

On top of that, we deal with sales management, cost control, checking claims, proceeding receiving and making payments.

Information system division operations and maintenances central processing unit whitin the company.

All of these are very important contents, because they directly influence for operation management. That's why we must take responsibility for them in order to execute smoothly corporate activity. Also, we work on it for all our employees with a view to concentrating thier work healthily and comfortably.